Friends of Semiahmoo Fish and Game Club

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2021

Dear Friends,

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who supported the Friends of SFGC campaign over the past several months.  Because of your endorsement, we have an opportunity to rebuild and rejuvenate the Club.

In the September 14 vote for the Board of Directors, the Friends’ slate of candidates netted a majority of 75-plus per cent of the votes.

The new Board of Directors:

  • Diana Barkley, President
  • Elizabeth Martin, Vice Pres
  • Matt Sullivan, Treasurer
  • Cheryl de Graaf, Secretary 
  • Wayne Wagstaff, Hatchery
  • Craig Archambault, Fishing
  • Geoff Higginson, Membership
  • Raymond Jones, Bookings/Hall
  • James Wilkins, Bldg Maintenance
  • Kevin Blakely, PR
  • Don Pitcairn, Grounds

Members from the previous board re-elected are:

  • Stan Jones
  • Rob Reynolds
  • Fred Koch
  • Bill Ridge

As well, there is a four-way tie for the 16th spot.  These members are:

  • Dawne Deeley, Hunting
  • Allan Millen, Range
  • Annie Kaps, Director at Large
  • Ron Meadley

The historical vote this past week was a true testament to the belief of so many in staying true to the vision of those founders in 1957 who mortgaged their homes to purchase this amazing property.

We will get to work right away starting with a Board meeting next week where we will set our immediate and long-term goals and priorities. 

We believe in a bright future for all members of the SFGC. Thanks for being part of our team.


Diana Barkley

On behalf of the Friends of SFGC

* * * * * * *

We acknowledge with respect, that this place where we live work and play is on the traditional and unceded territory of the Coast Salish people, the traditional territory of the Semiahmoo First Nation.

* * * * * * *

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One thought on “Friends of Semiahmoo Fish and Game Club

  1. Hi there Diana we are your new neighbors we own the farm to the right as your driving into the hatchery I’m the son of Craig Jordan-Knox , my name is Tyson and I do all the maintenance and overseeing of our 10 acres farm and rivier , just wanted to say hello and we have some questions that might affect what your planning on doing over there to create on going ways of income to pay taxes rebuild and just maintain the property, I think the biggest issue is what is to be done with the kitchen and bar area cause there is noise violations and licensing that will be in offence to our property and how close you are to the house we renovated over the past few years that costed us huge money to fit in to all the native and set back laws , so you can call me at (604) 616-7157 or my dad at 6046497552 we just don’t want you guys investing money in something that might not be able to be legally there . We are all about bringing back the land to make it as close to how it was before we arrived and have been cleaning garbage and metal engines everywhere so it’s taken about 7 years to get it almost back to a organic fruits and berry farm !! Please get back to us as soon as possible to see what your plans are. Thanks so much,Tyson


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